You’ve spent a fortune on non-skid shoes trying to keep your employees safe, but did you know there are a few great tips that can create non-slip floor tiles, affordably and easily?

Food preparation and dining areas are notoriously slippery in restaurants due to the grease buildup that occurs. Daily routines that are designed to combat this condition are often created with good intentions, but implemented in a way that can leave you with a slip hazard on your hands. The following proactive tips will help you reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident.

1. Use a separate mop for dining areas and kitchen areas – All too often a good-intentioned employee mops the kitchen and dining areas with the same mop. The grease trapped in the mop from the kitchen will deposit itself on any surface that it comes in contact with. Hang two mops in the mop bucket closet and make it clear where each mop is to be used.

2. Wash mop heads after each use – Have clean, ready-to-use mop heads in the mop closet and a basket where soiled mop heads are to be placed.

3. Use a cleaner/degreaser in heavy grease areas – A daily deep clean with a cleaner/degreaser will emulsify the grease layer, stripping it off of the tile. If you have heavy grease do this daily!

4. Use a specialized cleaner/degreaser in your mop water – Using the right solution in your mop water is key. If you are using anything that contains soap surfactants you are doing more harm than good. Midwest Slip Stop’s cleaner/degreaser is engineered for restaurant floors with an emphasis on slip resistance. Contact us to learn more.

5. Treat the tile – A tile that is greasy or sweating from humidity can be treated by our team of experts to create anti-slip flooring without altering the look of the tile. This is not a coating, but rather a liquid that creates a reaction on the surface of the tile causing micro-abrasion. This anti-slip treatment process occurs in just a few minutes, and then our treatment is rinsed completely away. The abrasion is invisible to the naked eye but will improve friction on any tile or stone flooring.

Make the days when you worried about customers and staff falling due to slippery floors a distant memory. Use these few easy steps and services to reduce slip and fall hazards in your restaurant!