The need for a company to show its due diligence and to be proactive is a key factor in the event a slip and fall incident occurs.

Now, when an incident occurs, the attorneys handling the litigation will not only ask for a copy of your company’s floor safety program but also any and all company’s who’s business it is to maintain the floor.

Statistics show that companies who cannot provide a written, documented program that addresses slip and fall prevention methods pay out the most in litigation because negligence is hard to disprove.

The new ANSI B101.1 Standard can either be a tool for your company to utilize in your floor safety program or a tool for attorneys who’s job it is to prove negligence on your company’s part.

So, whether you’re a property manager, a building service contractor (BSC) or the executive of a major corporation, be prepared and protect your company’s bottom line.

Millions of dollars are wasted annually due to unwanted litigation.

It only makes sense that a little prevention can save your company thousands, if not millions, of dollars in slip and fall litigation.